Can Young Kids Do Yoga?

a young girl in cross-sitting position, hands clasped together as if praying

At the onset of technology and social media, overall wellbeing is sometimes taken for granted. Nowadays, young kids and adults alike find themselves easily distracted by almost everything they see on the Internet – trading worthwhile activities for an unproductive watching of the latest social media gimmicks and trends. This poses challenges … Read more

How to Reduce Caffeine Dependence

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Feeling groggy after not having enough sleep is quite hard, especially if it is a busy day or a workday. The first thing that you would probably do is to drink a cup of coffee to kickstart your day and for you to function well at work. That is a normal thing … Read more

Can Water Help to Boost Productivity?

transparent glass, water being poured into the glass, blue bottle of water

Drinking water is essential to one’s overall health. It has a lot of health benefits, and it keeps all of us alive and functioning properly. Aside from that, drinking enough water is good in keeping us productive throughout the entire day. It helps our body function properly, and it also impacts our … Read more

How to Stay Cool While Working Through a Heat Wave

a thermometer

When sweat runs down your face almost effortlessly when you are just chilling at your balcony doing absolutely nothing, you’ll know: it’s summer. Summer is fun. This is the perfect time when you and your kids can enjoy some outdoor activities after months of cold weather. But what if the summer vibe … Read more

What Happens to Your Body If You Sit Too Much

a girl on her back touching her shoulder

Do you ever feel like doing nothing all day, or perhaps, you are trapped in a bad habit of just being lazy. It might not sound good, but indeed you’re not the only one. Most people nowadays spend more time in their homes and turn into couch potatoes, either indulging in the … Read more

Learning the Art of Making Do

two hands holding a nail and hammer, silver can, different cuts of wood

Amid this coronavirus pandemic, people start learning about upcycling, repurposing, and mastering the art of making do. In these times, people must be resourceful and deal with what is available around the corner. They started upcycling and repurposing different items to create new products that they need. Learning the art of making … Read more

How to Practice Validation with Kids

warm sunset, clear and calm sea, silhouette of a mother and daughter talking

One of the many reasons why adults find it hard to express what they feel is because their parents tend to invalidate their feelings as children. They weren’t allowed to feel what they felt. Instead, they try to keep it to themselves because they thought that their feelings were not valid. However, … Read more

Tips to Stay Motivated For the Long Run

scrabble tiles, upright scrabble tiles spelling “BIG”, laid down scrabble tiles spelling “DREAM”

Between short-term goals and long-term goals, we all know that the latter is harder to keep. These goals take most of your time, patience, and dedication. It may be challenging to achieve, but having long-term goals can help you in the long run, although some might find it hard to stay motivated. … Read more

Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting New Habits

A woman carrying a steel on her back

Have you wondered why people are easily trapped by bad, unhealthy habits like alcoholism, smoking, tech addiction, and the like than establishing and maintaining healthy and beneficial habits? Yes, most people are guilty of that, and science can explain why. There are two reasons why it is just hard to adopt new … Read more

Creativity or Idea in Progress: Stages of a Creative Process

chalkboard, a chalk drawing of three mechanical gears in different sizes

One person’s creative process is exhibited in a different way and timeline from another. Anyone who has unlocked the creative potential within themselves underwent a process akin to bringing an idea to fruition. What is a Creative Process? A creative process is the progression of an idea from an evolution of actions … Read more