How to Practice Validation with Kids

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One of the many reasons why adults find it hard to express what they feel is because their parents tend to invalidate their feelings as children. They weren’t allowed to feel what they felt. Instead, they try to keep it to themselves because they thought that their feelings were not valid. However, … Read more

Tips to Stay Motivated For the Long Run

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Between short-term goals and long-term goals, we all know that the latter is harder to keep. These goals take most of your time, patience, and dedication. It may be challenging to achieve, but having long-term goals can help you in the long run, although some might find it hard to stay motivated. … Read more

Mistakes to Avoid When Adopting New Habits

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Have you wondered why people are easily trapped by bad, unhealthy habits like alcoholism, smoking, tech addiction, and the like than establishing and maintaining healthy and beneficial habits? Yes, most people are guilty of that, and science can explain why. There are two reasons why it is just hard to adopt new … Read more

Creativity or Idea in Progress: Stages of a Creative Process

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One person’s creative process is exhibited in a different way and timeline from another. Anyone who has unlocked the creative potential within themselves underwent a process akin to bringing an idea to fruition. What is a Creative Process? A creative process is the progression of an idea from an evolution of actions … Read more

How to Avoid Screaming and Yelling on your Kids

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Besides the damaging effect on your vocal cords, yelling is not a good habit unless you are a Rockstar singer or someone engaged in a job that requires yelling or screaming. Meanwhile, yelling is also not good when it is done to children-your kid or someone else’s. Yelling at someone or being … Read more

What is 15- minute Routine Method and How To Utilize It?

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Doing a 15-minute workout routine is very beneficial to your body. Short, consistent workouts are better than long inconsistent workouts. Even with just a short amount of time, these workouts could do so much for your body. 15-minute workouts effectively raise your heart rate to help you sweat more, and in strength … Read more

10 Yoga Health Benefits For Women

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Piles of works to do in the office, meeting deadlines and reaching quotas, chores at home, bills to pay, meeting after meetings, kids to look after, spouse to be given time and attention, and so on. These are only a few significant things that cause pressure on most women. According to surveys, … Read more

Ambitions vs. Fears: How to Deal with Both

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Perhaps, it’s a dog, a snake, darkness of the night, death, losing a job, not finishing school, a cockroach, deep water, heights, a crowd, or maybe your father or mother. Any of these can be your fear. We may question if there is a person in this world that did not have … Read more

How to Get Away from the Habit of Lying

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Lying is perhaps one of the behaviors or a bad habit that is hard to get away from. Sometimes, you lie for a good reason, and it’s what they call a white lie. Whether lies come from “good” motives or bad motives, there are reasons why people choose not to tell the … Read more

How to build the Habit of Practicing More?

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Name a person that is now a guru and an expert in his or her field. It was not because of luck, nor of fate. It’s a product of their constant training, learning, dedication, and hard work. One cannot be an expert overnight. The more you do a thing repeatedly, it becomes … Read more