How to Get Away from the Habit of Lying

A woman with a shock expression, and her arms a little raise and open hands

Lying is perhaps one of the behaviors or a bad habit that is hard to get away from. Sometimes, you lie for a good reason, and it’s what they call a white lie. Whether lies come from “good” motives or bad motives, there are reasons why people choose not to tell the … Read more

How to build the Habit of Practicing More?

a man playing the piano

Name a person that is now a guru and an expert in his or her field. It was not because of luck, nor of fate. It’s a product of their constant training, learning, dedication, and hard work. One cannot be an expert overnight. The more you do a thing repeatedly, it becomes … Read more

What Is the Purpose of a Juice Cleanse


Juice cleanse is a type of detox diet that can make you consume vegetables and fruit juices for a few days. Some people also call this juice fast. Due to its popularity, there is a wide variety of juice cleanses available. Most of them are made with homemade juices of fresh fruits … Read more