Tips for Staying Cool in a Hot Office

Offices can become quite hot if you don't allow for air and proper ventilation.

It can be difficult to sit in one designated space and work for long periods. This can be even worse if the office is hot and stuffy. Whether you work away from home, or in a home office, staying cool is imperative to being productive. You might think getting a fan is … Read more

Tips for Taking Tea to the Office

Many people like taking tea to the office

Taking your favorite hot beverage such as tea to the office may seem like a complex task. Many people feel as if there are too many problems like spilling, loss of flavor and taste, and many more as well.  In reality, you can take tea to the office easily while avoiding all … Read more

Tips for Inspiring Creativity in the Work Place

Person writing be creative on paper

A workplace without creativity becomes boring for the employees. When the work becomes boring, the productivity level goes down. So, a workplace should be full of creativity. The creative mindset is lacking in most businesses and companies and it does not help the employees. Creativity comes to everyone at times when you … Read more

Tips for Doing Yoga at the Office

A woman doing yoga indoors

The benefits of yoga are well-known to most of us now, but making it a daily practise might not always be easy. So many people are now sitting for several hours at a desk all day, which wrecks the posture and leaves us too drained for most forms of exercise. Yoga also … Read more

Tips for Communicating Clearly and Effectively

People shaking hands at a meeting

Whether you’re in the workplace or at home, it’s essential to get your point across in a clear and effective manner. Unfortunately, many people seem to have lost or neglected the art of communicating properly. This leads to a lot of confusion, mishandling, and a failure to establish their presence as they … Read more

How to Build Good Long Term Relationships with Office Mates

People working together on a long table

Going to work for most of the week might seem like a bore at times. Even if you’re working with pretty decent people and have a good package, the daily grind can get on your nerves quite often. However, most adults have to keep on working for a living; the real issue … Read more

How to Manage Multitasking and Accomplishing Tasks Effectively

a man on his working table with his laptop, a pen and a paper, coffee, camera, the right hand is writing while the left hand is typing on the laptop

Cooking, while doing the laundry, and at the same time looking after your toddler. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? But, some people, especially full-time mothers, do best in multitasking. WHAT IS MULTITASKING Multitasking is doing two or more things at the same time, as in the example scenario above. … Read more

Getting Social Interaction If You Work Alone


There is a huge change in the working world and now remote work has become very common. Most of us have to work from beautiful places in downtown and the feasibility that work-from-home provides you is a huge benefit. When you are working from home you can manage your day without the … Read more

Setting Up a Ping Pong Table for Employee Breaks


Have you ever imagined having a ping pong table in your office? Not, but who said you can’t have a ping pong table in your office for your employee’s breaks. Short relaxing breaks between work are important to work more energetically and enthusiastically. Offices are mostly built solely focused on functionality, but … Read more