Setting Up a Ping Pong Table for Employee Breaks

Have you ever imagined having a ping pong table in your office? Not, but who said you can’t have a ping pong table in your office for your employee’s breaks. But make sure you read this ping pong table review before buying one. Short relaxing breaks between work are important to work more energetically and enthusiastically.

Offices are mostly built solely focused on functionality, but where is the fun? For fun and to function properly, breaks are important for all the people working in the office.

Offices with a special break room where all the employees can enjoy and get themselves motivated for more energetic and productive work is a thing that everyone needs.

Offices must not only have the sole purpose to make an employee work but also take care of their employees, take care of their health, take care of their fun along with everything that an employee needs and wishes to have in their life.

Why Are Breaks Important?

Have you ever heard about a default mode network? When we are not focusing on any work or task, our brain network is activated at that time and this network is known as the default mode network. The default mode network is the baseline of every great work we do. Our brain is free when the default brain network is activated. At this time we can solve the problems free of mind and this default mode network is important for us to function properly.

Commonly in the environment of the office or workplace, people usually don’t take breaks during their work. Only 20% of the people take a break for lunch and the rest feel like they can’t leave their desks to have lunch or break from work.

Setting Up A Ping Pong Table For Employee’s Break

Setting up a ping pong table sounds like a great idea but why a ping pong table? Here are all the reasons you should know about why it is important to have a ping pong table at the workplace:

1. Ping Pong Is a Good Kind Of Distraction

Sitting all day on a single desk in front of your computer or laptop can be pretty destructive for one’s physical as well as mental health. Playing ping pong at your workplace during the break is a good kind of distraction. Having physical exercise during a break at the workplace can improve one’s physical health as well as mental health. Maintaining physical health with staying motivated for work is a good sign of a balanced life between work and health.

2. Team Unity

Setting up a ping pong table at the workplace can encourage people to play and can work for the wonders of the profit margin of the company. A ping pong table creates a sense of unity and togetherness. It can also generate a friendly relationship between co-workers. It also breaks the social barriers between co-workers and brings them close to each other.

3. Inner Competitiveness

Many of the co-workers have inner competitiveness with their colleagues and ruin the vibe of being a part of every new project by being into it. Having a ping pong table at the workplace and having competitiveness in that department can be so much fun.

4. Enhance Thinking Skills

Ping pong tables are active indoor games. It also promotes strategic thinking and skills by taking small short breaks in between the work. Ping pong also increases alertness, concentration, and it also helps the brain to function properly under critical times and decision making.

5. More Productivity Level

Workers come to their workplace tired and with reduced productivity levels. However, if they play on a ping pong table for just 15 minutes and then return to the work they have sharp thinking related to their work and are more productive after playing for some time.

6. Good Way To Use Workplace

Setting up a ping pong table in a break room generates a fun and relaxing environment. It creates a friendly environment with co-workers as well as others with other colleagues rather than a tense environment in the office. The office team can also huddle around the ping pong table.

7. Debrief After Meeting

Debriefing after a meeting over a ping pong table is an innovative idea to have in an office. Rather than stressing out at your desk, discussing important points about work over a ping pong table also lets out frustration immediately and also helps to think about how to move forward with your next project.

Above are all the important points on why it is important to have a ping pong table at your workplace.

How Does A Ping Pong Table Help The Boss?

Now, let’s discuss if you’re the boss of your office then how does a ping pong table work for you at your workplace.

  1. You can turn your meeting/conference room into a table tennis room meeting.
  2. Business leaders can also be impressed by your workplace by seeing a balanced work-life along with a healthy friendly relationship with your employees.
  3. Business leaders can even use table tennis meetings and create a relaxed environment with super creative thinking.
  4. A ping pong is a safe game and setting up a ping pong table is an effective way to relieve stress.
  5. Instead of Taking all your frustration on the keyboard, you can take it out on the ping pong table.
  6. It doesn’t matter if you are athletic or not, a ping pong table at a workplace can benefit everyone.

A ping pong table is a perfect compliment for a busy workday and work schedules. Many multinational companies use ping pong tables not only as a start-up but also as an aerobic activity by giving them daily life exercise.

A ping pong game at a ping pong table increases concentration and alertness related to the work and motivates the employees to do their work before the given deadline, it stimulates the brain to function more energetically and result in more productive work ideas.

A ping pong table improves hand and eye coordination for sharp and effective thinking. It creates confidence in employees as well. It develops tactical thinking skills and generates new creative work ideas.

Having a Ping pong table at the workplace and playing ping pong in a break with your colleagues is also an effective way of creating a friendly environment in the workplace among the colleagues and their boss as well.

Ping Pong Table -A Reward For Employees

A ping pong table can be taken as a reward for the employees. Instead of extra office working hours, the employee’s can spend their time in a ping pong table room as well. They can play and discuss their work with each other there as well. A ping pong table can also become a source of daily exercise and it can affect overall thinking and well-being as well.

Ping pong table generates a good environment of social interaction between co-workers and business leaders. It can also turn professional relationships into healthy friendly relationships. Therefore it is proved to be very helpful to have a ping pong table at a workplace.


Above is a complete guide on how a ping pong table can help you by setting it in the workplace. A ping pong table proves to have multiple advantages by having it in a workplace or at home. If it proves to be useful by keeping it in a workplace, setting a ping pong table at the workplace can do wonders at your work. Hopefully, this article will help you in setting up a ping pong table at your very own workplace.