Why I Drink Coffee Everyday

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Oh?! Hello there, my fellow coffee addicts!

Well as many of us say, “A great morning starts with a cup of coffee.” And this is soooo true to myself.

I am a self-confessed coffee addict. I am simply incomplete without coffee. I would have two to three cups of coffee on a daily basis.

We have all heard of the different arguments each and every person has when it comes to drinking coffee. Lots of issues had been raised to the health impact, may it be beneficial or harmful, of drinking coffee especially for those heavy drinkers. With all these in mind, it seems like coffee is not just an energy booster for me. It can definitely do more than just waking me up in the morning with its aroma making me get up from my bed and awaken the sleepy me.

Okay, so let me just set everything straight. Yes, I drink and love coffee so much. And I believe and feel that it is impacting me more positively than the opposite.

I drink coffee everyday because as a writer, it is greatly important that ideas flow freely in my mind and for me to put it effectively into writing is by having my best cup of coffee by me. This certainly increases my productivity.

I also get to focus in all aspects of my daily life whenever I drink at least one to two cups of this aromatic liquid every single day. Focus is important for me as a lawyer as well so that I get to study and defend cases I handled efficiently.

And no doubt at all, since recent studies have proved as well, that my well-loved coffee has apparently awesome health benefits too. Just imagine the goodness of the healthy anti-oxidants that the coffee beans have. It even beats the green tea and cocoa with the level of anti-oxidants it offers. Coffee helps in keeping our cells from damage and some chronic diseases. Could you imagine?

Coffee is also healthy for our heart and liver. Studies show that there’s a lesser risk for heart and liver diseases for active coffee drinkers.

So whenever someone asks you why you drink coffee everyday, just raise your cup!