I’m Starting A Juice Cleanse!

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I’ve had lots of fast food cravings for the past few months. I know they are not as healthy as we would want them to be. But I really just wanted a quick answer to my hunger during those days. And it is the to-go’s and Drive Thru’s of these restaurants that really made it easy to convince myself that it will fulfill my tummy’s cravings. I was also too lazy to cook even the simplest meals each day at that time.

What worried me more is the coming holidays. It’s so hard to resist all the food temptations and cravings. The whole month of December, each day of it would be a feast. Oh my!

Now having shared all these, I know my body is now taking its toll on me. I haven’t gained much weight though. But my entire system just felt so heavy most of the time. The feeling that there really is something wrong within my body and that something needs to be out of it. Now, it wants revenge from all those unhealthy fried and fast food I had. I am now feeling so unhealthy and I am so sick of it honestly. Definitely not a good feeling. And it is now that I’ve decided to clean it up. If you’ve also been feeling the same way as me or would just simply like to be healthier, join me on my journey to a healthier and happier Nina in the new year as I am starting a juice cleanse to kick start 2019 with a fruit or veggie blast.

This journey wouldn’t be easy though. A lot needs to be considered when going through a juice cleanse or fast. I know I have to prepare my body first prior to starting this new routine for a few weeks. I plan to have a list of the juices I will take for a week or two and the specific mixture. Cleansing doesn’t have to be a bitter experience, right? Having the right mix of sweetness and healthy fasting would surely make the journey fun and fulfilling at the same time.

I also need the right juicer to make life easy and ensure I am getting the best and healthiest juice possible.  I decided to look at the best juicers for vegetables because I definitely wanted to focus beyond just fruit juices.  I decided to go with the Aicok juicer – we will see how it goes when I start my cleanse!

I haven’t had enough fruits and vegetables in my previous meals or diet. And to start the year right, I am into this commitment to maintain a healthy body. As I begin this juice cleanse, I not only start to remove toxins from my body, it’s also a start to a better me.