Distracting myself with a ping pong table and bat

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I can’t be the only person in the world that struggles to stay focused for more than 15 minutes. Anyone else? Please?

If you are out there, hi. I’m also a very inconsistent person that needs constant distractions to get anything done. I don’t think this is an inherently bad thing, it’s just the way my mind works.

Has anyone else ever realized how certain activates can allow you to switch your mind off? I need those moments. From my last post you’ll know I’m working on becoming more present. My mind is often full of such mindless drone that it is impossible to switch off. My friend recently suggested ping pong as an outlet. I hadn’t played a game of ping pong since I was in college and to be honest, I sucked at it. But I needed an outlet. I found a bunch of ping pong tables on Game Room Mania that can be folded for a single player (as I’m unlikely to ever have a counterpart!) and off I went.

I’ve been playing on and off for days. Really, it not only allows my mind to silence but I’ve been moving around more than I ever have before and my mind has been less jumpy. I can finally concentrate on work and I find that answers I’ve been searching for are coming to my more fluidly.

I’m starting to realize that the very act of thought is actually counter productive, which The Power Of Now really highlighted to me. Rarely has the answer ever come to me with through thought. For example, when something is on the tip of my tongue, it’s incredibly rare that the answer ever comes to me just by actively thinking bout it. In fact, it usually comes when everyone has left the room and you’re no longer thinking or talking about the topic – go figure!

I’m going to explore this avenue more. Perhaps I need a creative outlet as well. I was reading more information on www.gameroommania.com and I found that they had a whole list of other items that might be helpful for me.

This might even help me to become a better lawyer ultimately and although it wont save the world, hopefully it will save my sanity.

I’d love to know if anyone else has a method they use to switch their mind off from the world in times of need. How do you silence your thoughts? Comment below!