Time To Find My Soulmate

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I know I have been enjoying my life for the past few years just all by myself without the support and comfort of anyone. But recently, something has changed within me. I am not sure how and why but what I know and pretty sure as of now is that I am feeling sick. Not physically ill but is so sick of being alone without having a special someone to share my success and daily life experiences with.

So, beginning today, I am now on a journey of finding my soulmate. I am now out looking for the one truly meant for me. I know this is starting to not sound like me but trust me when I say that I know it would be worth it and of course I am more than willing to give it a try. Nothing to lose really, right?

Having decided to finally stop myself from isolation and be with someone worth my time and effort was not easy for sure. I tell you. I had to convince myself a hundred times and more. And now I’m up for it.

Let me share my journey with you. And please stay with me as I continue to explore deeper relationships.

Ever since I had this big leap of a decision, I’ve searched the net. Mr. Google and other search engines out there. Name it, I’ve tried it. And I mean a huge amount of time spent searching and typing the keywords and at last found a few related sites and blog articles that are worth checking of my purpose in finding my soulmate.

I know, this might be the not so intimate or personal way of finding the one but this is my best option at the moment since I am just starting to explore. Please give me a chance.

Okay, so I have searched and searched all over and stumbled on these sites suggesting of dating sites, dating apps and going on blind dates. Wow! And I say to myself, this is getting serious.

I wouldn’t lie, this had not been easy but I know this is the perfect time for it. I have registered to a few dating websites like EliteSingles, OkCupid, Zoosk and the like. These sites have helped me meet lots of different people and professionals in and outside my city. I also get to have dating and relationship advice at some point received in emails or at the site itself. A great start! I said to myself.

Aside from the dating sites, with the modern, evolving and innovating times, I am also trying the mobility that some dating apps offer. One of the most popular dating apps I’ve searched is Tinder. It is most probably the widely-used one as well as I can also see it being advertised in various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others. Registration is free, smooth and easy. After I have answered the personality tests, I am now ready to meet other people in Tinder. Just a simple swipe to the left or right and I can soon meet my soulmate hopefully. Another dating app I am using is the Zoosk app. In addition to their dating website, they also have this app perfect for on-the-go individuals like me. No need for chunky PCs or laptops. My soulmate could just be a mobile away.