Creativity or Idea in Progress: Stages of a Creative Process

chalkboard, a chalk drawing of three mechanical gears in different sizes

One person’s creative process is exhibited in a different way and timeline from another. Anyone who has unlocked the creative potential within themselves underwent a process akin to bringing an idea to fruition. What is a Creative Process? A creative process is the progression of an idea from an evolution of actions … Read more

How to Avoid Screaming and Yelling on your Kids

an open mouth screaming

Besides the damaging effect on your vocal cords, yelling is not a good habit unless you are a Rockstar singer or someone engaged in a job that requires yelling or screaming. Meanwhile, yelling is also not good when it is done to children-your kid or someone else’s. Yelling at someone or being … Read more

What is 15- minute Routine Method and How To Utilize It?

woman working out, gym mat

Doing a 15-minute workout routine is very beneficial to your body. Short, consistent workouts are better than long inconsistent workouts. Even with just a short amount of time, these workouts could do so much for your body. 15-minute workouts effectively raise your heart rate to help you sweat more, and in strength … Read more

How to Manage Multitasking and Accomplishing Tasks Effectively

a man on his working table with his laptop, a pen and a paper, coffee, camera, the right hand is writing while the left hand is typing on the laptop

Cooking, while doing the laundry, and at the same time looking after your toddler. Can you imagine how exhausting that would be? But, some people, especially full-time mothers, do best in multitasking. WHAT IS MULTITASKING Multitasking is doing two or more things at the same time, as in the example scenario above. … Read more