10 Yoga Health Benefits For Women

Piles of works to do in the office, meeting deadlines and reaching quotas, chores at home, bills to pay, meeting after meetings, kids to look after, spouse to be given time and attention, and so on. These are only a few significant things that cause pressure on most women. According to surveys, women experience more stress, both physical and psychological, than men, as they often multitask to accomplish their daily responsibilities. Thus, women must find ways to release those stress healthily, so they won’t be burned out and become less functional.

Women doing yoga

Recently, yoga is increasingly becoming a part of women’s daily routine as they find it very helpful in maintaining their physical wellness and mental balance.

Furthermore, yoga has specific benefits for women. Suppose you’re a woman thinking about getting away from all your stressors. In that case, you might consider buying a yoga mattress and experience yourself that the listed benefits below are proven true.

a woman in a green yoga mat, exercising



An article in the International Journal of Women’s Health and Reproduction Sciences stresses yoga’s power to women experiencing PMS.

The study concluded that yoga significantly improved women’s emotional, behavioral, and physical symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome. It also recommends yoga to be a treatment option for those struggling with PMS.


A study was conducted among Indian women aged 40-45 engaged in a 12-week yoga program. About 75% of the participants admitted that there was a significant improvement in their sex life, including all six sexual functioning areas, including desire, lubrication, and orgasm.

3. Improves Menopausal Symptoms

A study among 54 perimenopausal and postmenopausal women was conducted to determine how yoga could help them cope with hot flashes. These women experience at least four hot flashes a day. About 66% or two-thirds of them revealed that after a 10-week yoga session, there was a reduction in the frequency of hot flashes, and they were less intense than they had been previously.

4. Helps during Pregnancy and Labor

In 2015, yoga was found to significantly help with stress management, pelvic pain pelvic reduction, and improved birth outcomes by reducing the delivery time. Prenatal yoga practice can help throughout pregnancy and labor; however, this must be consulted first to a doctor. Researchers noted that there are cases, although rare, that yoga could cause uterine contractions.

5. Helps in Coping with Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one primary concern among pregnant women worldwide. But low-intensity physical exercise like yoga can be both helpful to the mother and the baby. But, it is necessary to seek medical advice before starting yoga training while pregnant.

6. Beneficial for those undergoing breast cancer treatment

Stress and anxiety can be reduced through regular yoga, which is also beneficial to women undergoing breast cancer treatment. This lessens breast cancer symptoms according to the 12 studies reviewed with a combined sample size of 742 participants, both patients, and survivors.

7. May Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal immune response, but when it becomes chronic, it can contribute to the development of pro-inflammatory diseases, like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

In a study in 2015, 218 participants were divided into two groups: one group practiced yoga regularly, and another group didn’t do yoga. Both groups were asked to perform moderate and strenuous exercises to induce stress.

The experiment revealed that those who practiced yoga had lower inflammatory markers than those who didn’t.

8. Could Improve Heart Health

The heart is one central organ of the body, so it is essential to keep its optimum health condition. Studies support that yoga can improve heart health and reduce several risk factors for heart disease. People with high blood pressure who practice regular yoga lowered their blood pressure. High blood pressure one significant causes of heart problems, such as stroke and heart attack.

9. Could Reduce Chronic Pain

More studies are being done to support that yoga can significantly help reduce many types of chronic pain. A study with 42 individuals suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome was either asked to do a wrist splint or yoga for eight weeks.

The study revealed that yoga was found to be more effective in reducing pain and improving grip strength than wrist splinting.

10. Improves Flexibility and Balance

Many people do yoga to improve flexibility and balance and adding it to their daily physical fitness caused a considerable improvement in optimizing their performance using specific poses that target flexibility and balance.