What are the benefits of polish citizenship?

Holding Polish citizenship is a guarantee of many benefits. You will not only get a chance to travel around the European Union countries, but you will also be able to study and work with no limits. Of course, that’s not all! Before you apply for Polish citizenship, take a look at the main reasons why it is worth being able to call yourself a Polish citizen.

How to apply for Polish citizenship?

The procedure of Polish citizenship application is not as easy as it may seem. First of all, you need to know if you are eligible to apply for Polish citizenship. If the answer is ‘yes’, you just have to file a motion and submit it to the appropriate institution. If you are still not sure about your origin or if your ancestors have lost their Polish citizenship or not – the process will take much longer. The same applies to foreigners who are connected with Poland or whose spouse holds Polish citizenship. What do you need to do to get Polish citizenship?

  • You have to collect all needed documents proving that you are eligible to apply for Polish citizenship. It is also necessary to translate them into Polish which involves paying a fee.
  • Next, you should prepare a Polish citizenship application and submit it to the provincial office or the consulate. Submitting an application to a consulate requires a fee of 360 euros.

As you can see, applying for Polish citizenship is not that complicated. All you need to do is fulfill all the formalities and wait for a decision. The President of the Republic of Poland is not bound to any deadlines, and thus you will have to wait a year or two for your Polish citizenship confirmation. For now, have a look at all the benefits waiting for you once you become a Polish citizen.

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Holding Polish citizenship makes you a European citizen

Once you become a Polish citizen, you will be able to enjoy all those benefits associated with having a Polish passport. Whether you would like to travel in Europe, study in France or Austria, or work in Poland, there is no need for you to apply for a visa or special permission. Holding Polish citizenship or dual citizenship makes you a European citizen. Sounds great, doesn’t it? All those previous restrictions no longer apply to you. What’s more, you need nothing at all except your Polish passport. EU citizens can travel faster and more efficiently. Take the necessary documents, pack your bags and find your own place!

Your family members get the same rights

We are often asked whether having Polish citizenship affects other family members. Yes, it does! If you have decided to apply for Polish citizenship, you should know that your family will get the same rights as you. No matter where your kids were born or where your spouse lives – they will be able to travel with you without any restrictions. If it comes to your children, they can be treated as members of a European Union citizen or go through the whole procedure of Polish citizenship application. The fewer formalities, the better!

Study for free in EU countries

Dream of studying abroad may soon become a reality. France, or… perhaps Germany? We leave the choice up to you! Being a Polish citizen lets you study in almost every European country for free or at a minor cost. So if the thought of spending the best years of your life in one place doesn’t appeal to you, there is nothing left to do but file a motion for Polish citizenship. Do not worry about not getting into your dream university! The offer for future students is very varied. What does it mean? There is such a long list of EU universities you could apply to. Language skills are not always required!

You can work wherever you want in Europe

Thinking about working for a Polish company? Or maybe you would like to open your own business? It doesn’t matter! Having a Polish passport will make it all possible. There are exceptions saying that in some EU countries you will not be able to apply for a position in politics or the civil service. In most cases, you can get a job without the necessity of getting permission. For those who decide to open a business in Poland or any EU country, there is a possibility of obtaining a subsidy.

Of course, there are many more benefits of holding Polish citizenship and having a Polish passport. What is important, you need to know if you can actually apply for it!