What is 15- minute Routine Method and How To Utilize It?

Doing a 15-minute workout routine is very beneficial to your body. Short, consistent workouts are better than long inconsistent workouts. Even with just a short amount of time, these workouts could do so much for your body. 15-minute workouts effectively raise your heart rate to help you sweat more, and in strength training to help you build lean muscle. It’s not just the physical benefits that you reap but also the mental benefits.

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Also, there’s a 2016 study about the effects of a 15-minute exercise on your body. According to the study, doing 15 minutes of exercise a day increases a person’s longevity and decreases the death risk for older people.

Since it’s been proven that a 15-minute workout routine every day is good for you, how do we utilize it and make it more effective?


Shift your mindset into something that will benefit you the most. Stop telling yourself that you have no time to work out when you clearly do. Create a plan on how to fit that 15-minute workout into your daily schedule. Set aside the time for it and do your best to execute.


As people have different daily schedules, you might find yourself busy in the morning and free at night, or vice versa. Either way, create a daily schedule that works for you to create your routine in accordance with it. Also, think about how a certain time of day affects you as some people find that exercising to start the day help with focusing and becoming more productive. It also gives them a spike of energy and a sense of accomplishment. Others might find that they are more settled and relaxed by bedtime. Working out after experiencing a stressful day may help you let go of any tension in your body and unwind.


Think about your daily needs and schedule and adjust your 15 minutes to that. Tailor your workout routine according to your schedule on that day or week. Consider the exercise that your body needs. After sitting idly for hours, you might want to get your blood flowing which can be achieved by doing a high-intensity workout. If you need some relaxing time before a busy day, you might want to do a 15-minute power yoga.


Your results stem from the intention you put into your workout and not for how long it is. Actively engaging and focusing yourself on your form and technique, even for just 15 minutes of your whole routine, can make you see and feel the effects.


After deciding what time of workout is best for your goals together with your schedule, you can create a music playlist in advance. Try including around four to five songs that energize you. Make sure that it reaches the amount of time it will take you to finish your workout. The music you will choose sets the tone of your routine, as well as bring some motivation. Create an atmosphere that can help you get in the act. If you’re doing an interval workout, create a lively atmosphere by turning on the lights and choose poppy music, and if you’re doing yoga, set a relaxing atmosphere by laying out a mat and lighting some candles.


Doing a warm-up and a cool down is an essential part of your routine. By doing so, you will be able to prevent any injury and help with recovery. It doesn’t matter how much time you have on your hands, and it is always important to warm up ahead of time. This prepares your body and mobilizes your joints for more complex and intense movements. Warming up and cooling down is the primary solution to preventing injury and helps you have a successful workout.

To maximize your time, you can do a short, energetic workout and cool down by doing some stretches. Adding a cool-down session after an extensive workout increases your blood flow, especially to the areas of the body you worked on. Also, it doesn’t necessarily need to be long, just a couple of stretches to regulate the aftereffects of your workout.


Whether you’re doing a short-duration workout or a long one, your form should always be everything. Put your focus on perfecting your form so that you will be able to maximize your time. Also, you must be hyperaware of the movements you are executing. Being intentional with your movements can help you better understand what body part of yours is doing the work.


Even if you only have 15 minutes, don’t forget to add some strength training to your workout. Add functional exercises like squats and lunges or mix in some hip mobility workout that will strengthen your glutes and core. Doing this helps you achieve a lean and strong body.


If you have workout equipment hidden somewhere, then bring it out and put it to use. Whether it’s a glider or a heavy ankle band, any equipment you have will help intensify the workout routine.