What password works best?

Cyber security is an incredibly hot item. It’s important for everyone to know the danger the online world can bring, as this means that it’s more likely that they’ll know how to behave in certain situations. The protection of personal details is a great example, as online identity theft is the most popular crime in the world – it’s not hard to behave like you’re someone else, especially not if you have access to all their details. The perfect solution to this is a password, but what kind of password is the best to use?


One of the most popular passwords is a pin. Whether you choose for a four number pin or you like to switch it up with more numbers added, your security is in great hands when you pick this number. But, it is important to note that what pin you choose, does have a big influence on how effective your password actually is. A lot of people choose for a pin that represents something in their life, such as their birthday or their partners, or they choose for a simple “0000” or “1234”. These codes will soon be cracked once a thief has access to your phone, so going for something that’s harder to remember might be a smart decision, as long as you are able to remember it yourself.


If we’re talking about literal passwords, then we’re talking about words, phrases or random combinations between letters, numbers and symbols. In many cases, this is the most effective form of online protection, as these passwords are easy to remember, but just as hard to crack. With the different possibilities of how to write words and the possibility to add numbers and symbols, it’s almost impossible for someone to crack your password. Of course, just as for a pin, it’s smart not to pick a password that’s relevant to you in any way, so that it becomes even harder to crack it.

Switch it up!

Whether you prefer a pin or a password is up to you, but for both goes that it’s important to not use the same password for everything. If you do this and your phone is stolen, this means the thief automatically has access to anything you have access to. If you do switch your passwords, it might become harder to remember everything, but you do keep things completely yours, as it’s not likely that someone guesses your password twice in a row.

Online security specialist

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