What Are the Best Teas for Caffeine?

Black Tea contains high content of caffeine

Tea is everybody’s breakfast brew of choice and for good reason too. Tea contains caffeine, which provides you with an instant burst of energy. However, it can be hard to choose what type of tea is best, both for the caffeine content, and other factors. Worry not, because we’ve brought you a … Read more

Ideas to Turn Your Garage into a Studio Apartment

A light and airy studio apartment.

Got a free, dusty, and redundant garage? It’s the perfect time to convert it into a studio apartment without spending a hefty sum or investing your time to find the right people to make a separate studio. Converting a garage into a nice and airy studio apartment not only clears the space … Read more

Best Coffee Alternatives For The Workplace

Workplace with notepad, book, and coffee

Coffee is a drink made from roasted coffee beans. Also, the berry seeds of certain species are used for coffee. From the coffee fruit, the seeds are separated to produce a stable raw product that gives an unroasted green coffee. The seeds are then roasted through a process that turns them into … Read more

Activities that Stimulate the Creative Process

Activities that Stimulate the Creative Process

The daily grind of work, chores, and other responsibilities can become quite boring and stifling at times. When we’re relatively worry-free and innocent as children, creative thinking would come more easily. Children create a whole world out of cardboard boxes, toys, and anything else they can find. As adults, many of us … Read more

Little Known Ways to Boost Productivity

man drinking coffee

When you wake up each day, do you ever ask yourself how productive you will be for the rest of the day? Do you ever question yourself if your efforts are good enough to be considered ‘productive’?  The struggle is real. No matter the hard work, sometimes we still can’t fully accomplish … Read more

Games That Can Boost Productivity

two children playing a game on a laptop

To be productive is to be able to do things that can benefit you in the long run. These may include technical skills, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and problem-solving skills, or just a current task that needs to be done.  Being productive while still enjoying the whole process is something that most people … Read more

Can Young Kids Do Yoga?

a young girl in cross-sitting position, hands clasped together as if praying

At the onset of technology and social media, overall wellbeing is sometimes taken for granted. Nowadays, young kids and adults alike find themselves easily distracted by almost everything they see on the Internet – trading worthwhile activities for an unproductive watching of the latest social media gimmicks and trends. This poses challenges … Read more

How to Reduce Caffeine Dependence

wooden table, cup of black coffee, person writing on the journal, croissant with a bite

Feeling groggy after not having enough sleep is quite hard, especially if it is a busy day or a workday. The first thing that you would probably do is to drink a cup of coffee to kickstart your day and for you to function well at work. That is a normal thing … Read more

Can Water Help to Boost Productivity?

transparent glass, water being poured into the glass, blue bottle of water

Drinking water is essential to one’s overall health. It has a lot of health benefits, and it keeps all of us alive and functioning properly. Aside from that, drinking enough water is good in keeping us productive throughout the entire day. It helps our body function properly, and it also impacts our … Read more

How to Stay Cool While Working Through a Heat Wave

a thermometer

When sweat runs down your face almost effortlessly when you are just chilling at your balcony doing absolutely nothing, you’ll know: it’s summer. Summer is fun. This is the perfect time when you and your kids can enjoy some outdoor activities after months of cold weather. But what if the summer vibe … Read more