The Chicagoans

These are some of my closest friends in Chicago that have the nasty habit of actually being caught up in this fancy blog world. Their corners of the internet are much more personal and broad based than mine. They are fantastic writers (all of whom are attorneys), drinkers and all around great people. Check out their musings early and often.

One of my closest friends from law school. Married to one of my best friends (the now retired blogger “Enabler”). It’s unfortunate that she has adopted her husband’s sports teams (University of Michigan and the Detroit Red Wings). Amazing cook. Great friend.

Random Esquire
Just another Random Esquire in the City of Chicago. From my personal opinion, has the best job in the city. Clearly the definition of amazing human being.  Has an amazing dog as well.  Also, one of the three best writers that I have ever met.

Judgy Amie
Much like the others up here, Amie is of the high energy, high snark and would likely kick my ass if I left her off this list. Her snark is legendary. Her sarcasm is deadly.

Legally Fab
She’s Zilla. She’s part crazy, part really crazy and usually a heck of a lot of fun. She recently passed the bar and needs to be hired by a fancy attorney to pay her lots of money. Because she needs her bar tab paid.

Semi-retired blogger. She and I (along with Daisy’s husband) graduated law school in the same class. Has her dream job, her dream man and a darling little boy. I can only hope that she slacks off from her many responsibilities to start blogging with regularity again.


One thought on “The Chicagoans

  1. Weird. You forgot to mention how beautiful we all are. Excepting the men-folk of course. I think they prefer the phrase “dashing” which, whaaatever.

    Posted by Daisy | April 25, 2011, 8:42 am

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